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Dofus 2.29: change critical system

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Change critical hits

On the occasion of the 2.29 update, the critical system will be changed. Here is the deblog to explain the foncionnement of this new system:

The existing system no longer suited us for several reasons:

  • It generated an excessive level effect: the maximum rate of critical hit was 1/2 (50%) and the following maximum rate was 1/3 (about 33%). This plateau effect bridled the emergence of a variety of "builds" based on critical hits, as it was necessary to wait almost half the level bonuses to recoup the investment critical hits.
  • The critical hit bonus had increasing returns: a bonus of 1 critical hits could afford to spend 1/3 to 1/2 (considerable gain for a minor investment). Conversely, this same bonus had very little impact if the critical hit of a spell was very low (going from 1/50 to 1/49 for example). Generally you should use systems with bonus accruals have diminishing returns rather than growing (accumulating more and more of the same bonus must affect proportionally more low).
  • Some bonuses critical hits were useless: as soon as one had an even chance of making a critical hit, the interest to accumulate more bonus critical hits was too limited.
  • The system was very intuitive: the impact of the Agility system was difficult to understand and bonus critical hits could have no visible impact on critical hit.

We have therefore decided to review the system to achieve several objectives:

  • Leaving on a lighter system and easier to use.
  • Increase globally critical hit rates.
  • Unlocking the potential to exceed the 50% critical strike chance, and thus allow the characters who wish to specialize in this characteristic.
  • Increase the diversity and sustainability of "builds" that invest in critical hits without necessarily seek to maximize.

Improved display

The display of the critical hit chance will now be done in percent: instead of displaying "½" to mean a spell (or weapon) a 1 in 2 chance of doing a critical hit, it will show instead "50 .% 'The result is exactly the same in both cases: I do a critical hit on average once every 2 1 hits.

Review of basic crit rate

The basic criticism rates represent chances of a spell (or weapon) to make a critical strike without considering bonuses related to equipment or spells.

All basic crit rate of weapons and spells are reviewed. A match was made between former critical hit rate and new, keeping consistency more critical the old rate increased, so the new is too. To calculate the new basic crit rate from the old, apply the following formula:

New rate = 55 - 1 / (Old Rate)

A rate 1/50 before, therefore gives:

New rate (%) = 55 - 1 / (1/50) 5%

Here is the table that the correspondence between old and new few basic crit rate:

Old Rate Old Rate (%) New rate
1/30 3.33% 25%
1/35 2.86% 20%
1/40 2.50% 15%
1/45 2.22% 10%
1/50 2% 5%

These basic rates are generally increased in order to facilitate access to critical hits "builds" who choose not to specialize mainly in the critical hits and reduce the dependence of "builds" critical to critical bonus present on equipment .

Changing the bonus effect critical hits

The effect of the bonus to critical hits on spells and equipment is amended now provides critical strike by 1 1% additional chance to critically hit additively. For example, with 5% base chance of a critical hit on a lot, adding 10 CC will the chances of making a critical hit on the same 15% spell. (5 + 10)

However, there will be no significant difference on the equipment: a bonus of critical hits X becomes X% bonus to critical hits.

This additive formula to propose a decreasing rather than increasing system performance (the first bonus critical hits made to a character have proportionately more impact than the last added bonus).

Remove the maximum critical hit

It was previously impossible to exceed 1 in 2 chance (50%) to make a critical hit. Now it is quite possible to go beyond the 50% chance to critically hit and even to reach 100% chance to critically hit, provided that the number of bonus critical hits cumulative equipment and spells allowing.

However, it will not be possible to lower someone below 1% chance to critically hit if the spell or weapon used can cause a critical hit.

Note: The case of random effects minimizing effect (used in particular about the "Whammy" of Srams) is not subject to this restriction and still prevents an entity to cause critical hits.

This modification allows a wider variety of "builds" based on critical hits, it will be possible to move towards "builds" more specialized in critical hits.

Agility removed from the formula

Having more or less Agility no longer has any impact on the chances of a critical hit. However it will not be difficult to achieve high critical chance, the transition between the old and the new system being generous voluntarily to offset the loss of critical hits earned via the Agility.

We removed the impact of Agility in critical shots to diversify opportunities to build "builds" oriented critical hits without requiring the use of Agility as the main feature.

The Turquoise Dofus: its passage Critical Hits 10%

The case of Turquoise Dofus would become problematic in this new system, it would too easily to reach too high critical chance: a turquoise Dofus 20 CC give itself at least a 25% chance to critically hit all spells of the game. So we decided to reduce its numerical value so that his bonus be more realistic and balanced vis-à-vis the new system. That's why we wanted to take advantage of the revision of its way of obtaining and adding the associated quest to spend his bonus 10% crit.

This decrease may seem excessive, but it should be understood that 10% of critical hits in the new system constitutes a significant gain, especially taking into account that the chance of critical hits are no longer limited to 50%.

Moreover, despite this change, critical chance of the characters do not generally decline in the transition from the old system to the new.

The characters who had a final rate of 1 in 2 chance of critical hit, will the new system of roughly similar rates.

This table represents the final probabilities of critical hits in 2.28 and 2.29 for the characters that reached a probability of 1/2 of all their spells:

Former prime rate New base rate Final Proba critically 2.28 Final Proba critically 2.29
1/30 25% 50% 60%
1/40 15% 50% 50%
1/50 5% 50% 40%


In the worst case, your character will receive 50% of average critical fluke (if you had 50% critical strike chance before), considering that the critical hit rate of spells and weapons are distributed globally to fairly.

Changing the Dofus Turquoise makes it less essential for critical game modes based on the moves and do not seek to achieve the 50% critical hit, but it is very powerful and very useful to achieve high critical hit probabilities.


I have a Turquoise Dofus, my character will be any less powerful?

No, your character will not be less powerful, it generally benefit from the same critical hit probability, will overcome the Agility bonus and could potentially exceed 50% chance of causing critical hits.

What spells that give bonuses to critical hits?

With this new system, these bonuses critical hits become potentially more interesting. However as they are set up at present, they do not seem more relevant. Although there is no provision in the short term we should expect that the spells that give bonuses to critical hits are modified in the future.

Why not have done a deterministic system?

We have done extensive research on this subject. But many problems arise when it comes to adapting the system to make it deterministic, we do not have sufficiently satisfactory solutions to consider this type of change now.

The Turquoise Dofus not he risks becoming irrelevant?

We did not worry about it. Possession of a Turquoise Dofus remains a significant advantage. Its usefulness is slightly different: it now becomes potentially interesting whatever "builds" used while with the old system it was really of interest only when allowed to reach the 50% chance crit.

In addition, being able to exceed the 50% critical strike chance gives it a far more significant for characters that want to optimize this characteristic.

Does this change will reduce the importance of critical hits?

This change will increase the chances of making critical hits generally and will help unlock new ways to equip characters, optimizing critical chance. Their importance will remain at least similar: the effects of critical hits are the same.

Critics resistance aimed to reduce the role of critical hits in the game by allowing a specialization "anti-cc", what is now up to them?

Critics resistances are present to allow characters who wish to counter game modes focused on critical hits. They will keep the same value after the redesign, they help diversify the facilities of the characters and avoid all the players do not feel forced to play critical hits for an optimized character.

The changes on the critical hit system remain in this spirit: they allow those who want to further optimize in critical shots, taking the risk of being more vulnerable to characters (or monsters) that will have critical resistance.

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