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To update 2.29, we worked on the area Incarnam: the look of the area has been improved, the renewed bestiary, organization charts and optimized the size of the reduced area to prevent you travel long and tedious that could apply certain quests.

These have also been radically changed to adapt to recent changes to the game, they allow, for example, to teach new players how to practice every trade and manufacture its own equipment.

Certain balances have been made on monsters in the area, to improve the transition between the area and the Incarnam Astrub. Smaller, suitable for beginners, richer, and more enjoyable, this is the new recipe Incarnam we offer!

Why a new redesign?

We have made major changes over the updates (recast trades and addition of idols such system), and it seems important that beginners are initiated early on to these new mechanical.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to improve the beginners' area to facilitate learning the game and welcome new players involved in the renewal and expansion of the DOFUS community. We recognize that improving Incarnam does not directly concern the majority of players of DOFUS, but to sustain the future of the game, we need to efficiently accommodate new players and maximize our chances that they understand and enjoy the game .

Redesign and new Bestiary

Maps and monsters Incarnam have been revised to correspond more closely to the idea that we have of the area: a semi-ethereal world where souls are not yet embodied. Here you can find the "souls" of Gobball, Tofu, and many other monsters Amaknan you already know in their incarnate form.

redesigning Incarnam
Some Incarnam Gobballs graze before the Remains of Feca ...

New monster families are also emerging: you can find them Gloots, spiritual lights, and guardians of souls, the Chapardams. Visit the area to discover all!

Incarnam 2.29 overhaul
It would appear that either is Boufton Stormy slid amid Chapardams ...

The Incarnam Chafers are not left out, since are equipped with a new leader, who has the irreducible Milimilou goodness out of his dungeon. Make Kardorim seats, the former captain of the militia of Kerubims, and his army of Chafer, an epic dungeon (but for beginners anyway)!

new dungeons
Kardorim is rather brawler genre, and it is not death that will stop ...


New outfits

To accompany the arrival of these new monsters, two new sets are emerging; Set the Souls and Kardorim Set. Ideal for beginners, they will delight fashion lovers, offering new caps and helmets that you can mimibioter.

new sets
Whether you rather crowns and wings or spiked helmet and cape, you will be served!

We have also the opportunity to give a recipe for Boune Set. The equipment can now be Incarnam all manufactured; in version 2.29 almost all the equipment that obtained from monsters can not get that from the craft via usually simplified recipes.

New quest

Shorter but more intense, a new quest series is added to incorporate these changes, making the rounds of all the basic mechanical (combat, crafting, exploration ...) and the Dofus universe. You will follow a teenager Joris, who will guide you through your first steps and bring you to experience the game!

This series replaces the old quests Incarnam: New Success therefore are emerging, the old is removed. It would even seem that a new ornament tied to quests Incarnam and Astrub was added ...

dofus joris
Follow the leader! "

I hope this small glimpse pleased you; although aimed at beginners, we hope this redesign suit all! Good game Dofus, have fun and see you soon for the next post!

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