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Quests Emerald obtaining dofus

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Dofus Quests Emerald

Emerald Dofus quests

This tutorial is the second version of the tutorial quests dofus emerald.

The Emerald Dofus is now an item you get by performing numerous quests. This page lists links to the quests and the prerequisites for you to easily achieve success. At the end of the successful "green emeraudd" obtiendre you dofus emerald.

Bonus dofus Emerald:

Greener than a sick Tofu, the Emerald Dofus was created by Aerafal, the Dragon of Air. To create something so green, he had to have the air sickness. A roof, right?

The Emerald Dofus now has a fixed jet whatever your level. You can wear it at level 6 and you will gain 200 vitality.


To get started in the pursuit of Emerald Dofus you'll have to perform many quests that are grouped into two success. The first part will be in Astrub while the second part is Pandala.

To achieve the quests are advised to be level 120 to be able to easily quests. Here quests to perform and the corresponding tutorials.

You will need to go meriana many times, this is the way to get there easily: Path meriana .

A model disciple - Quests Astrub

But where are the Dofus? - Quests Pandala

The main quests

You're now about to face the terrible quests that await you. The greater part of the quests are relatively easy, only the pursuit of Cania bandits take you much more time and ask you for patience.

dofus dofus get the emerald

After this long series of completed quest pourez you get the precious Emerald Dofus and Dofus obtain the title of Hunter. Good luck, your quest will be long but it's worth it.

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